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Greg and Jenna Dahl, owners of Dahl Built Homes, strive for high quality and creatively built homes, while maintaining an affordable product. With over ten years of experience in the building industry and a passion for design, all homes are thoughtfully designed and constructed. Every effort is made to ensure that a Dahl Home will meet the homeowner’s needs when it comes to house design, lot size, and custom finishes on the inside. We also take pride in building efficiently. No time is wasted when it comes to scheduling and the timely flow of work completion. Our gallery of completed homes gives you a peek into the type of quality and satisfaction you will receive with a Dahl Built Home.

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Home builders in Grand Junction and surrounding areas. We are very proud of the homes we build. We build homes that are different. For example, we include wow factors in our homes.  These items create a home that is different from other homes on the block. Wow factors include things like curb-less showers paired with unique tile. Accent walls using various materials and colors and finally, neat light fixtures placed in thoughtful locations! In addition, we often include custom wood work. When entering any Dahl Built Home, you may find custom mantles, shelves and even bathroom cabinets.  We also enjoy turning spaces that would otherwise be unusable into storage! Talk about one-of-kind. We believe home builders should always pay attention to the details.  A quality home is created in the details.




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Videos and photos of our homes show the variety and quality of the homes we build. You will never find two identical homes in our gallery. Above all, we are learners and creators who are always building knowledge on how to create the best possible home. As a result, our homes include the newest design trends, while staying timeless. No matter where you are in life, our homes are built to fit your needs.  Before we sell a house, members of our team complete walkthroughs to address any issues. Therefore, we are confident in the quality of each home.

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